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Evan Rachel Wood explains Marilyn Manson attraction
Thursday, July 12, 2007
When Evan Rachel Wood was asked to sum up boyfriend, Marilyn Manson, in one word, she replied, "Eyeliner."

"If you've ever dated me, then you would have ended up wearing eyeliner at some point," she tells the British edition of Elle in its August issue. "All my boyfriends have."

Evan's nickname for her shock rocker boyfriend is simply "Manson." She says he is "lovely, really human and just amazing. It may surprise you just how healthy and loving our relationship is."

"He's crazy!" she says, laughing. "And crazy, by the way, is the highest compliment I pay. Manson is definitely crazy. Hopefully I am, too."

Evan and Marilyn met at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. It was'nt either of their type of scene. Drawn to one another, "both of us hiding in the corner of a party neither of us wanted to be at."

Wood says her and Marilyn became "movie buddies," until one night, "we just suddenly looked into one another's eyes and knew."
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